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Ara annual Chemistry Competition for Y11s

Just a friendly reminder that the Annual Year 11 Chemistry Competition is coming up soon!

Enter your team of three students into our annual competition and be in to win the $500 grand prize for your school’s chemistry department! Students will be challenged to identify chemical compounds and explore other related topics to test their skills. There is a maximum of two teams per school, three students per team.

This year’s competition will be held on Thursday 16 September from 6.45pm – 9.00pm at our City campus in Christchurch. Click here for more information.

If you are interested, please talk to your Chemistry or Science teacher or Ms McLaughlin in Careers.

Future Designer Competition $400 1st Place

We are challenging you to design a package for your favourite snack to share or to protect eggs!

You should consider:

  • How to open and close the package
  • How the package can help with transporting the food
  • Ways to make it easier to share the food

You can make or draw your package design!

Submit your designs on YoutubeInstagram or Twitter using the hashtag #FutureDesignersNZ.

Deadline: 12th July 2021

We are challenging you to design a lampshade using plastic from milk bottles or plastic juice containers!


  • Crafting form—How can you arrange all the practical components of a lamp not only to work but also to look beautiful?
  • Crafting light quality—A great way to elicit different emotions, Think of the lighting in a romantic setting, compared to the lighting at school, or in the kitchen.
  • To learn how to shape plastic check out our how-to video 

Make an interactive switch to win the extra challenge prize!

Submit your designs on YoutubeInstagram or Twitter using the hashtag #FutureDesignersNZ.

Deadline: 12th July 2021

Toi Whakaari design competition for Y11-13s

We are proud to blast off with our 2021 Toi Whakaari Challenge as applications are now open for this national competition for your aspiring makers and designers in Years 11 – 13.

Toi Whakaari Challenge contestants are invited to imagine that they are working in the Art Department of a major new movie. Their challenge is to design imaginative costumes, settings or props for a fictional world. This year the setting is a future Martian colony in the year 2222.

There are four categories students can enter. Each reflects a particular area of practice within a profession film Art Department – Costume, Set & Props, Constructed Objects or Concept Drawing. These categories are also further subdivided by level. The levels are intended to align with NZQA standards.

Using the TWC brief, the competition requires the showing of work according to the competition categories – submitting either a created design (via images, workbooks) or proof of constructed objects (via images, video).

All systems are go, check out the creative briefs and encourage your students to join the Toi Whakaari Challenge!

We can’t wait to see what new worlds they create.

Toi Whakaari Challenge Overview
Judges & Prizes

Winning entrants will be eligible for a pool of prizes and receive valuable creative feedback from industry professionals such as Dorotka Sapinski (Costume Designer Black Panther, Wolverine), Sanit Klamchanuan (Spicy Thai Design / Weta Workshop Mulan, Thor: Ragnarok), Johnny Fraser-Allen (Weta Workshop Tintin, Chronicles of Narnia).Depending on group or individual entries the four prize options the winner/s can choose from are:

Individual Prize Pool – winner choses 1 option
1x place at a Toi Whakaari 2021 Summer Workshop or 2022 Winter Workshop – (Wellington Flights & Accommodation not included)
1x $150 Gordon Harris
1x $150 Mitre 10 Voucher

Group Prize Pool – winners chose 1 option 
1x $250 Resene Paint Voucher
1x $250 Gordon Harris
1x $250 Mitre 10 Voucher

2020 TWC Examples of Work 
2020 TWC example by Poppy Kirkham
First Speaker’s costume research 
2020 TWC example by Casey Roberts
Drex Ambassador’s costume design
Our soft launch of the Toi Whakaari Challenge last year allowed us to test the brief with select schools, encourage some amazing creatives and give prizes for some impressive work.

Toi Whakaari Set & Props HOD, Francis Gallop said: “As a first challenge the judges and I were blown away with the level of skill and creative thinking the 2020 entrants showcased.”

The Costume Design winner was Casey Roberts who designed a complex costume for the Drex Corporation’s Trade Ambassador. The judges loved her elegant design incorporating inspirations from China’s Qing Dynasty, an entire new language of tattoos inspires by electronic circuitry and the detailed and expressive make up and hair designs. Judge Dorotka Sapinski (Costume Designer Black Panther, Wolverine) noted Casey’s “natural ability to tell narrative through choices in the costume. There are a lot of ideas, the trick to a good costume sketch is to be able to distil them and you have done this.”

Runner up in the Costume Design category was Poppy Kirkham with her striking and imaginative design for the character of the “First Speaker of the Dreamers”. This is the costume worn by the First Speaker at the pōwhiri held for the Drex Corporation Ambassador, a critical moment in the film’s storyline. The design illustrates the mana of the wearer, the creative flair of the settlers working with limited material sources and their connection to both their new world and the old. Dorotka said “Your sketch shows a really great pose and so adds to the character. You are not scared to use color which is great to see.”

Emily Thompson won the Constructed Object category. Given the time pressures and complexities of 2020 her work never reached full physical completion but the judges were very impressed by the wide range of ideas explored, and how they were ingeniously synthesised within her design.

The brief was to create a Life Monitor and Communication Device worn by settlers of the NNZ Mars Colony:

“Known as an LMCD (or simply “Lem”), these are worn by every citizen of New New Zealand. They allow peer to peer conversation as well as sending a constant stream of life signs data to the settlement’s central hub, where the Papatūānuku System monitors their wellbeing.” Emily’s design also incorporates elegant features such as a display that shows the comparative orbits of Earth and Mars and the layout of key instrument lights in the pattern of the Southern Cross.

We hope these examples help inspire your creatives.

2020 TWC example by Emily Thompson
Life Monitor and Communication Device
Toi Whakaari Challenge applications open: 3 May
Toi Whakaari Challenge applications close: 1 October

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any TWC questions or require clarifications.


Food & Fibre Supernode Challenge

Do you have an innovative idea related to the food, fibre and agriculture industry? Enter ChristchurchNZ’s  first Food, Fibre and Agritech Challenge and be in to win a $1,000 prize for a school student entry.

There are two categories for entry:

  1. Generating value-added, high impact food, fibre and agriculture products; or
  2. Assisting on-farm automation and decision making

There are over $130,000 in prizes including the Canterbury school student opportunity

(Careers Advisors – If you have students in mind who are keen to share their ideas and would like to work on this challenge over the summer, we encourage you to pass on the attached ‘Challenge Info Pack’).


The Challenge will run from 29 January to 11 May 2021, and entry into the Challenge is free.

It would be a great learning opportunity for any student as it offers the chance to work with high-quality coaches, mentors and can give access to key stakeholders as well as investors.


The top entry will take home the ‘Top Canterbury High School Award’ of $1,000 and, more importantly, the title ‘Top Canterbury Agritech High School’.


Students can enter as a team or as individuals, but all High School entries (if under 18) are required to include written consent from the school to enter this challenge. A consent form is part of this info pack.

This Challenge is suited to self-starters that are innovative and can follow through with their ideas.


The first entry does not need to be fully developed,

  • a great idea, that outlines the problem they are trying to solve, or explains their idea for a new innovation
  • all details are on the entry form – some of these details can be fully developed as the Challenge progresses
  • remember, the idea is to learn how to take an idea and develop it during the Challenge process through mentoring and learning from others
  • there will be an accelerator programme available for successful entrants between March and April, most of which is available online and can be viewed later if students are unable to attend the live webinars.

Click here for more details:

If you have any questions regarding the Challenge, please feel free to contact Christiane Simmers or Robyn Cox from ChristchurchNZ. 

Contact Details:

Christiane Simmers – Project Manager Innovation, ChristchurchNZ Tel. 0220 17 18 19

Robyn Cox – Food, Fibre & Agritech Specialist, ChristchurchNZ Tel. 027 345 0441

Dream Believe Succeed ‘The Big Break Project’ – apply NOW

LET'S GO 2020

2021 is right around the corner and applications are OPEN until December 4th for our BIG BREAK Competition!

If you’re between 15-23yrs old, it’s time to start thinking about your business pitch!

If not, who could you nominate, or how you might want to get involved?

There’s never been a more important time to contribute to the next generation of entrepreneurs in Canterbury!


Immerse Education Essay Competition — win a full scholarship to the Cambridge Summer School

Immerse Education Essay Competition: Win a full scholarship to the Cambridge Summer School!
The Immerse Education Essay Competition offers students the opportunity to win a 100% scholarship for one of Immerse Education’s award-winning residential or online academic programmes (further information below).
Last year there were 10 full scholarship winners and 300 shortlisted partial scholarship winners selected from over 4000 entries.

Students aged 13-18 are required to submit essay responses to a pre-set question relating to their chosen subject and age group. From MedicineComputer SciencePhysicsEngineeringCreative WritingEnglish Literature, and many more subjects, there is a category for every area of interest.

The competition is a great way to practice your academic writing skills and previous scholarship winners have referenced their success in the Essay Competition on their university application to the world’s top universities.
For further guidance and to enter, visit (Deadline for entry: 5th January 2021)

The Oxbridge Online Research Programme
Personalised, one-to-one tuition from your own personal Oxford or Cambridge University tutor. Create a university-level academic research project in any subject field over 2, 4, or 8 weeks. Ages 13-18.
Visit the website to learn more.


Cambridge Online Insights
The highlights of our award-winning summer course can be experienced via a premium e-learning platform.
Learn alongside other students from around the world with the guidance of expert university tutors. Ages 13-18.
Visit the website to learn more.

Cambridge Summer School and Oxford Summer School
Our award-winning summer course in Cambridge University and Oxford University colleges. Designed for ambitious students and taught by expert university tutors. Ages 13-18.
Visit the website to learn more.


Sean Stevens

Programme Director

Immerse Education

+44 (0) 20 8123 6988

Ara annual Y11 Chemistry competition

Annual Year 11 Chemistry Competition 

Enter your team of three students into our annual competition and be in to win the $500 grand prize for your school’s chemistry department! Students will be challenged to identify chemical compounds and explore other related topics to test their skills. There is a maximum of two teams per school.

This year’s competition will be held on 17 September from 6.45pm at our City campus in Christchurch. Click here for more info. To register, please contact

Bubble Bop Music Competition with pop sensation Benee

Make a bop, in your bubble. Play it to Benee and win $1000!

Bubble Bop is a 24-hour music making competitionfor young NZ creatives, presented by Something Something. To win, you must create a unique and outstanding piece of music. But there is a twist. Your track must be 100% composed, recorded and finished in 24 hours. Submissions will be judged by Benee, Soaked Oats Sachi and a panel of industry professionals.

You can enter ONE of three categories:

  • Pop /R&B

  • Indie

  • Remix

Winners from each category will take home $1000!

Thanks to Massey University College of Creative Arts for providing the prizes.

Bubble Bop kicks off 12pm on Saturday June 13 with finished tracks due 12pm Sunday June 14.

The competition is open to anyone in the New Zealand bubble but we particularly want tertiary and high school students to bop with us.

Stay up to date via the Bubble Bop Facebook Event page here.

Applications are open now.

Shit’s got weird. Let’s make a bop!

GENRE CATEGORIES: Create a Pop/R&B Track
How about writing some Pop for Bubble Bop? Defined by its upbeat grooves and catchy hooks, we’re looking for a track reminiscent of Tik Tok earworms meant to stay on the charts and captivate large audiences.Create an Indie Track
Indie music is not a definite style of music, however, we are sure everyone is well aware of the INDIE scene and what type of music it encompasses. Traditional band instruments, melodic sounds, guitar riffs and retro synths are some of the defining and commercial qualities we are looking for. Use what you have around you and make a bedroom indie bop!Create a Remix Track
A remix is a piece of music which has been altered or contorted from its original state by adding, removing, and changing pieces of the song we give you. We will provide you with a song containing stems divided into bass, drums, vocals, synth and guitar, free for you to develop and create!


BENEE – Global pop sensation from Auckland, New Zealand. Benee is the lead judge for the pop category.

SOAKED OATS – Indie Dunedin band making legendary Dunedin noise. Soaked Oats are the lead judges for the indie category.

SACHI – World-beating kiwi Electronic Duo. Sachi are the lead judges for the Remix category.


The aim of the competition is to impress our judges with a wholly new and original finished music bop. This track must include particular musical elements (only revealed at the beginning of the competition) and be completed all within 24 hours.

Anyone who currently lives in New Zealand can enter the Bubble Bop in 24 hrs competition (except the Something Something management team)

Only individuals can enter Bubble Bop, but you may have guest performances, appearances, cameos and help from other people within your bubble. If your dog can sing – get them in on the bop. You can enter under your own name or an “artist” name.

At the beginning of the competition (12pm Saturday 13th of June) all participants will recieve an email with a specifc and unique set of instructions you must follow for your genre category. These instructions could include particular instruments, tempo, lyrics or samples. To qualify to win the competition, these elements must be included in your bop. Those entering in the Remix category will recevie the stems to download.

All bop submissions must be received by exactly 12pm (midday) Sunday 14th of June. No late submissions will be accepted (remember to allow time to upload)

Click here to contact us for help.

Click here for Bubble Bop Rules, Terms and Conditions.

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Ara NZBS ‘School Shorts’ Screen Competition — it’s happening!

Do you aspire to be the next Taika Waititi?

The School Shorts Screen Competition showcases the best film-making talents of South Island secondary school students.

If you would like to enter, here’s what you need to know:

  • You can choose any genre, from drama to documentary, music video to TV commercial or movie trailer
  • The entry must be no longer than 10 minutes, including the credits
  • The emphasis is on the story, rather than on technical elements but quality production is encouraged
  • You need to submit their entry via your teacher (see Mrs Keys or Ms McLaughlin)
  • Entries close 1 October
  • The judges will decide the finalists
  • The finalists will be screened at the School Shorts Competition screening
    on 1 November at Reading Cinemas – The Palms, 6pm-9pm
  • Prizes will be awarded in a number of craft categories and there will be a Supreme Winner announced on the night
  • The event’s primary sponsor is the New Zealand Broadcasting School at Ara Institute of Canterbury
  • Entry to the screening and prize giving will be by donation. Tickets will be allocated to each school based on the number of entries selected to be screened.
04620 School Shorts_EmailGraphics

Submitting an entry

Teachers can submit entries via the School Shorts web page on the Ara website.

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